How do I keep kids entertained at a sleepover?

Keeping kids entertained at a sleepover can initially seem like a very daunting prospect. However, it can be the most fun and worthwhile experience for everyone involved.

Our blog ‘Help! my Kid Wants a Sleepover!’ has some great tips on how to organise your sleepover but you also want to make sure that its lots of fun too. Here are 4 fun activities that are perfect for sleepovers.


1. A PhotoBooth

Entertain both the kids and the adults with a selection of Photo Booth props. There’s something about dressing up as someone else that really helps to relax people and even act silly. Things such as silly or oversized glasses, beards and moustaches are always a winner.

There are also lots of themed Photo Booth props that can be found on sites such as ETSY, EBay or Amazon.

How do I keep kids entertained at a sleepover? 1

You can also use new or second hand items such as microphones, guitars, bow ties, hats and other clothing items to create really fun pictures. Another great prop is a photo frame

2. Games

All children love to play games, so providing them at a sleepover party is a must. Younger children love traditional games like pass the parcel, musical statues, pin the tail on the donkey. But what do you do with the older children?

We have found that games such as ‘Bingo’, ‘Would You Rather’ and ‘This or That’ are great inexpensive games. These games can be found as free-printables on the internet, as downloads that cost on a small fee or you could make them yourself. We can also provide these games for you too.

At Dreamee Teepees we provide some of these games with a variety of our Slumber party packages, we also personalise them too. It all adds to the fun of a sleepover!

Don’t forget the ‘minute to win it’ style games too. Just beware that these cause lots of fun and laughter!

These game cards show children aged 11 and 6 playing the games and so are great for a range of ages.

How do I keep kids entertained at a sleepover? 2 How do I keep kids entertained at a sleepover? 3 How do I keep kids entertained at a sleepover? 4

3. A Blindfolded Makeover

How do I keep kids entertained at a sleepover? 5
This activity is exactly as its name suggests. A blind folded makeover. The children work in pairs. One person is blindfolded and applies makeup, in a given time limit,  to their partner! This is so much fun. You get lots of laughs and lots of picture opportunities with this one!


4. Movies

How do I keep kids entertained at a sleepover? 6The most obvious activity for a sleepover is to watch movies. This really is a great activity for getting the kids to relax and calm down.

Arm your guests with a variety of movies both recent and old classics. Make sure you pre-check with parents to ensure they are happy with the movies you have selected.

Some of the most popular movies watched at our sleepovers during 2018 have been The Greatest Showman, Sing, Coco and Beauty and the Beast.

We also have been told that old favourites such as Dirty Dancing, Hocus Pocus and Hook have made appearances too. What would be your go to movie list for a sleepover?

All of these activities are easy to organise yourself. We also have lots of inspiration on our Pinterest Page.

However, you can always hire us to do the hard work for you. Our parties are available within Yorkshire and surrounding areas. To find out more about the sleepover teepee parties we have available you can click here