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About Us - Family PictureHi, my name is Tara and I am a mum to 5 gorgeous boys. My boys and I run our business together (or at least that's what they tell me haha!). We all live together in Leeds, West Yorkshire which is also where we run our business from too.

Dreamee Teepees®️ Slumber Parties was born when my eldest son and I were looking for an unusual way for him to spend his 9th birthday. Together we came across the idea for sleepovers in Dens. At the time I was on maternity leave and due to return to my full-time job as a primary school teacher.

However, I was frantically worrying about how I would manage my small boys, their hospital visits and a full-time job. You see, 3 of my 5 boys have a rare lifelong blood condition called haemophilia. This means that they can suffer with internal bleeding in their muscles and joints. One of those children has also been diagnosed with a rare heart condition which requires him to have constant care and regular medication. This means that we can have quite a lot of hospital visits to attend to.

This is why starting my very own sleepover party business was the perfect option. It enables me to give the boys the attention they need whilst also being able to pay the bills too, and what better business to have than one that my son and I came up with together?

Our little business brings the much-loved sleepover into the 21st Century by giving it a unique twist. The one thing I want for my boys is that they have a variety of magical and memorable experiences throughout their lives, and I use that same ethos when selecting our parties themes and accessories so that our business can create that for your children too.


Meet The Team



I am the founder of Dreamee Teepees and organise the parties that take place within Yorkshire.


I help out more behind the scenes these days. I research new party ideas, look for accessories and help with packaging and unpacking the party equipment.

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Is a mum of 2 who lives in Holmfirth. She runs our branch of Dreamee Teepees and delivers parties throughout the Yorkshire region.

In The Media

Keep your eye out in the media for the appearance of Dreamee Teepees. We have featured in:

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