Help! My Kid Wants a Sleepover

The time has come when your child is asking for their friends to come and stay over. Panic stations are setting in! I mean how do you even find enough space for them to sleep, and what are you going to do to keep them entertained so that they don’t wreck your house?

Here are a few ideas to help you plan the perfect stress-free sleepover.

Help! My Kid Wants a Sleepover 1


This really is important. You need to make sure you plan where the children are going to sleep? What time will you feed them? What time will they be arriving? Emergency numbers, just in case, How many children can you fit in your home?

Go through every scenario you can think of, within reason, to make sure that you’re prepared.

Help! My Kid Wants a Sleepover 2


There are lots of fantastic ways to entertain children these days. From computer systems, hand held gaming consoles, sports parties and musical entertainment. The world is really your oyster.

We have collated lots of amazing entertainment ideas from Pinterest users around the globe and saved them onto our Pinterest board. Hop over to our Pinterest to see them.


The one thing that terrifies me is giving children something they are allergic to, by accident of course, having to call an ambulance or rush a child to hospital and then ring their parents to explain. I think Ive had this fear ever since I watched the scene in Nutty professor where he looks like he’s having an anaphylactic reaction.

To avoid this, I always think of 1 or 2 simple meals (or takeaways depending on your preference). I then check with parents to ensure that the children are allowed to eat those meals.

For sleepovers popular ideas are things that are quick and easy like pizzas, burgers, and hotdogs. However if you’re wanting to give the children something a little more impressive and healthy then you could offer an afternoon tea, or buffet style tea where they can choose from a selection of items. Again, ALWAYS, check the menu with the parents to be safe.


I think the most important thing to hosting your very first sleepover is to invite a friend for yourself! Yes you heard me right! We may be adults, but we too need someone to hold our hand when we are doing something new.

Also it is true that when we are around our friends we are much more relaxed. Also, if your friends are like mine, they will also tell you if you’re being too lenient or too harsh with any rules, rule breaking.

Of course you can plan all of the above yourself, but we can also do some of that for you too, giving you more time to enjoy the party.

It would be great to hear your top tips on surviving a kids sleepover, feel free to comment on this post.