Did You Know 1 Button Battery Powered Tealight Can Kill You?

The headline is quite a statement isn’t it! Unfortunately it is true. Battery powered tealights can cause serious damage to your health!

This week in the news we were saddened to see the death of yet another young child from a button battery. These types of batteries are found in many things such as LED lights and small toys. In the Teepee industry we use lots of LED lights such as tea lights and glowing children’s nightlights and some electronic toys, hence why it is very important that you are aware of the threat these types of batteries pose.

Killer Button Battery
Why you should be aware of button batteries in the Teepee Sleepover and Events industry


Great Ormond Street Hospital and Children’s Charity have a useful guide on their website that explains the devastating effects these batteries cause when ingested. You may be thinking that this isn’t something you need to think about in the Teepee Industry as surely children who are old enough to attend sleepover parties would know not to put something like this in their mouths. You’d be wrong!!

I am sure that as a child you will remember times when you played dares, or were curious and tried something silly! Trust me there are still occasions as an adult that I make silly mistakes. Children are curious creatures. They explore, investigate and ultimately put themselves in danger without realising. It is imperative as business owner that you take every step to provide the safest service to your customers.

Please don’t think that this is something that just affects us here in the UK as in the last year there have been 3,500 cases of people of all ages who have swallowed button batteries in the U.S.A. In Australia at least 20 children per week have been recorded in the E.R. in the last year because they have ingested a button battery! You will find that there are children reported to have done the same in New Zealand too. In fact, anywhere in the world where these batteries are sold you will find the same issue.

ingested button battery
An xray of an ingested button battery in the oesophagus


The question is, ‘How can we prevent children from gaining access to the button battery inside the tealights?’

I can tell you the answer is extremely simple, and is actually a condition of the CE/UKCA certification awarded to LED lights in the UK. The area where the button battery is placed MUST have a screw fixing. It is essential to ensure the safety of your younger customers. I know that in the Teepee and Events industry we change these batteries very often to ensure that the lights are always on for our customers. This means that you will have to screw and unscrew the battery compartment regularly. Although this can become tiresome it is very important that this is done.

Battery Powered tea lights

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