7 Exciting Dinosaur Themed Party Ideas

When it comes to organising a Dinosaur themed party in Yorkshire, what can you do and where?

Dinosaurs have always been a popular topic of interest with children and 2023 is no different. Because of this I have scoured the internet to find the best dinosaur themed party options that are based in Yorkshire.

Please note that I haven’t personally visited all of these places but I definitely plan to go after reading the roarsome reviews! 😉


Jurassica Themed Bar & Carvery

Located in Sheffield, Yorkshire, this is one of the only known family pubs in the UK where you will find animatronic dinosaurs walking around whilst you are eating your food.

Imagine the look on your child’s face when they see a dinosaur come walking towards them. Of course, we all know that dinosaurs are extinct, but these life-like puppets make for great entertainment.

Jurassica Dinosaur Themed Party Venue

The owners of this themed eatery have definitely created a unique space that is perfect for dinosaur enthusiasts both young and old. As well as being a family pub, Jurassica offers a variety of party packages. You can book a ready made dinosaur themed party package to complete the best 

Jurassica Party Packages 2023

Contact them here:  Website     


Volcano Falls Adventure Golf 

If you have ever been to the Xscape in Castleford, then you will have seen the Dinosaur themed miniature golf venue located on the ground floor.

This place is impressive to look at and a definite hit with the youngsters who stand at the entrance looking at the dinosaurs they can see.


T-Rex dinosaur at Volcano Falls adventure golf


My son, Xander (aged 9), has visited this amazing site with his Nanna and older brother Kaeden, so I have asked him for some feedback on what he thought of the venue.

Xander said:
‘This place is an amazing spot to visit if you are looking for something fun to do. There are lots of great features suitable for children, such as the Dinosaurs, the target shot, and the different sized golf sticks (putters).


Be aware of the noises in the different areas of the golf course as they are sometimes frightening to start with.


Volcano falls is mainly dark. As you explore further into the course the dinosaurs, the barriers and the holes on each course are lit up which makes it easy to see them.


I thought that the golf holes started off quite easy and as time went on they started to get harder. I would definitely recommend this for children who like dinosaurs and want to have spectacular experience.”

Volcano Falls Adventure golf view of one of the dinosaur themed courses

You can visit Volcano Falls Adventure Golf as a family or you can book their T-Rex party package. They also have a bar and provide food onsite.

Volcano Falls, Castleford Logo (Miniture adventure Golf)

Visit them here:  Website


Dinosaur Discovery Party at Gullivers Theme Park

One of the attraction areas at Gullivers Theme Park in Sheffield is the called The Lost World of the Living Dinosaurs. It boasts having an impressive 30 animatronic dinosaurs that children can get up close and personal with.


dinosaur themed attractions and rides at Gullivers Theme Park, South Yorkshire

As well as being a theme park, Gullivers also hosts dinosaur themed parties and school/group events. In my previous life I was a primary school teacher and so I was excited to see that the packages they offer include educational workshops.

Even more exciting is the fact that Gullivers offer a group Sleepover package with a Twilight dinosaur trail. This is one of the only places in Yorkshire that I could find who offer this kind of activity. There is a minimum number of 20 guests, but I think it’s a fantastic way to celebrate a special birthday if you have the funds.


A dinosaur sleepover at the lost world in Gullivers Adventure Land, South Yorkshire. The image shows a T-rex roaring and a girl stood infront of it with a flashlight looking amazed.

Find Out More Here:   Website 


Uproar Play Barn 

This Dinosaur themed indoor soft play is based within the Yorkshire wildlife park in Doncaster, but it can be accessed without going into the wildlife park itself. The information about the play barn states that it has animatronic dinosaurs that move and make noises, which for any dinosaur fans is sure to be a thrill.


girl screaming happily next to an animatronic dinosaur with its mouth open. This picture has been taken in the Uproar Play Barn


Uproar also offer the space for exclusive parties for dinosaur enthusiasts who are under the age of 12. The exclusive parties are for larger numbers of children with the packages starting from 50. But I guess that this means you really have got space to invite the whole class.

Contact them directly here:   Website



Jurassic Earth 

A unique and immersive Dinosaur show. This comes very highly recommended by everyone who has visited. Whilst this isn’t a dinosaur themed party package per say, you could definitely buy multiple tickets to take a group of children to watch the jurassic era brought to life. I think this would be a wonderful experience for all the children, and adults.


Jurassic Earth theatre show. This image shows a female ranger stood between 2 animatronic dinosaurs that look like raptors. Behind them is a stone looking entrance which holds a sign saying Jurassic Earth

As well as the Theatre show, Jurassic Earth also hire out their dinosaurs for parties and events. The dinosaurs are available to hire for your parties and events throughout the UK you just need to get in touch to find out more about this service.

Find Out More:  Website


Online Jurassic Dinosaur Themed Party

The party ideas I have listed so far are great if you are able to travel to those venues and locations, but what if you can’t?

Having children with disabilities I am always conscious that I may need party options that can come to us and are accessible too. Listed on the Alive Network (Entertainment Booking Website) is this Virtual Dinosaur Party is a perfect option.

The website listing states that the children’s entertainers, who run the parties, are experienced in bespoke parties and have provided their parties for TV, Celebrities and the general public alike. With this said the party packages are extremely reasonable in price with the basic party starting at £64 for up to 100 children.

The best thing about holding a virtual party is that you can either host it at home, or have each of the children logging in from their own homes. I would say that this is a great benefit of this type of party

Children's Entertainers stood in front of a T-Rex image. This is from the alive network website for online dinosaur themed parties

Check out their website listing:  Website


Dinosaur Themed Sleepover Party

We, at Dreamee Teepees Slumber Parties, provide just the thing for your dinosaur loving children. We are based in Leeds but provide our services within West, South and some of North Yorkshire. 

Starting with one of the explorer themes, other elements can be added to create a dinotastic party. 


two sleepover teepees in a camouflage netting design. Set out side by side. Perfect for explorers

Every good sleepover needs some kind of entertainment. Dinosaur themed baking is just one way that can be added to the sleepover parties to create the perfect dinosaur themed party.


These party kits from Craft & Crumb are a perfect option to entertain your guests and provide them with a sweet treat too.

Dinosaur themed baking kit by Craft & Crumb.

Dreamee Teepees Slumber Parties :  Website      Facebook 

 Craft & Crumb:   Website      Facebook 


As you can see Yorkshire has lots to offer when it comes to Dinosaur themed parties. From theme parks, to twilight walks, to sleepovers theres lots to choose from.

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Tara x